More wintery jams to help with the long nights, Void 00 from sunny Italy tackle doom metal with a refreshingly avant-garde mindframe. Still bleak though don’t worry, really freakin’ bleak.




Don’t say we don’t pass jazz and Debussy influenced early synth music your way from time to time.

Owl Rave


Worth mentioning for the band name alone, Owl Rave make weird synth heavy dark ambient drone jazz based on the more sinister aspects of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. I dare you to listen to it in the dark.



This year’s best black metal releases list is certainly taking shape, here’s a second one using the eerily appropriate artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński. Yodh by Mizmor ought to get you in the mood for Halloween, or it might just make you feel really scared. Either way don’t be surprised if you find yourself sacrificing goats in the woods at 3am after listening to it.

Desert Dessert


Good to hear some Australians coming to terms with their landscape, while managing to go full jazz skronk. Hashshashin take a middle-eastern-eastern-european vibe, with plenty of amplification, and run with it headlong into the outback to make a lovely Zorn/SC3 tinged racket, bouzouki and didgeridoo in tow. Full album out Oct 11th on the excellent Art As Catharsis label… and only a buck for a preorder!?

For Mankind


Anyone who suspects the UK metal scene is struggling needs advice on the best way to lube a cranium from a sphincter. Haast’s Eagled from sunny South Wales are proof that such doubting requires punishment, delivering meaty stoner riffs like they’re throwing cattle off a bridge at you, while sneaking in melodies that’ll have you forgiving them before your first cast is on.

Go further


A sprawling tech-math-ambient-post-metal work of beauty that keeps on giving, Sioum‘s Yet Further is an absolute treat, mingling cinematic synths, pummelling rhythms and melodic riffs every way they damn well please, which is coincidentally exactly how it should be done.